Who knew it was National Pet Day? I recently photographed these adorable puppies located in Waterford, Virginia. I do a lot of newborn photography but working with puppies is new for me.

I brought my bag of tricks which I typically use for my equine portraits to get their ears forward.

This dough bowl is a newborn prop but it worked great for these puppies.

So many people want to document the first few weeks when their family welcomes home a new puppy. I love photographing the moments that kids first get to hug and kiss their new pet.

As the shutter clicks and memories are immortalized, families strengthen the bonds that unite them across generations. From shared laughter to tender embraces, each portrait session becomes a cherished moment of connection and love.

Photographs are a testament to the enduring power of family ties.

My job is to capture timeless moments between the generations.

Siblings and cousins come together for their family portrait. The portrait session was a birthday gift to their grandmother.

Senior portraits mark a significant milestone in a young person’s life, commemorating the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. For those who share a deep bond with their equine companions, there’s a unique opportunity to capture this connection in a horse and rider senior portrait session. These sessions not only showcase the beauty and grace of the rider but also celebrate the profound partnership between human and horse. This high school senior chose to have her session in Middleburg at Fox Croft School.

Unlike traditional senior portraits, which often take place in a studio, horse and rider sessions offer a personalized experience in a natural setting. Whether in a serene pasture, a rustic barn, or a sprawling field, these sessions allow individuals to showcase their unique personalities alongside their equine partners. Foxcroft offers a beautiful setting for senior portraits.

Memories to Cherish: For many riders, their horse is more than just a pet or a hobby—it’s a beloved friend and confidant. Senior portraits with horses immortalize this special relationship, providing memories to cherish for years to come.

Make sure to coordinate outfits that complement both the rider and the horse. Neutral tones or soft pastels often work well, allowing the focus to remain on the bond between horse and rider. Jennifer Jule Studios provides clients with a selection of gowns to use for their Senior Portrait Session. This senior is giving a loving embrace to her horse in front of Foxcroft School.

Many high school seniors choose to bring a variety of outfits to their portrait session. This Middleburg Senior wore a striking navy blue gown which pairs nicely with her dapple grey.

Jennifer Jule Studios specializes in high school senior portraits. Jennifer is currently booking portrait sessions for rising seniors. If you are looking to book a senior portrait session contact Jennifer Jule Studios.

As the leaves begin their magnificent transformation and the air carries a hint of crispness, there’s no better time to gather the family and step into the enchanting embrace of fall in Virginia. From golden sunsets to vibrant foliage.

Join us on a journey through the lens as we capture the warmth, love, and timeless beauty of a family portrait session amidst nature’s breathtaking canvas.

Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love. In this portrait, we capture a warm embrace with this mother and her two daughters amongst the red foliage.

This family walks hand in hand with a loving gaze and the warm sun on their backs.

This stone bridge is a great setting amongst the fall foliage in this Leesburg Family Portrait.

Equine portraiture allows photographers to showcase the unique personality and beauty of each horse. From close-up shots highlighting the intricate details of a horse’s eye or coat to full-body portraits against stunning natural backdrops, there are endless opportunities to capture the essence of these majestic animals.

Taken from the front field at Hedgeland Equestrian Complex in Waterford, Virginia.

One of the most rewarding aspects of equine photography is capturing the special bond between horses and their human companions.

Patience, creativity, and an understanding of equine behavior are essential skills for creating compelling equine portraits that stand the test of time.

I was asked to photograph this beautiful high school girl with her four horses. She made the hard decision to sell two of the four and wanted to make sure she got a beautiful portrait of them all together. We even managed to get all eight ears forward.

Sunset and golden hour adds depth and dimension to equine photographs.

Equine photographers have the privilege of preserving the special bond between horse and rider.

This family welcomed home a baby girl. I was thrilled to photograph this Lovettsville family of 5 during a newborn portrait session. Jennifer Jule Studios specializes in newborn photography. We offer fresh 48 sessions, lifestyle portrait sessions, and creative studio newborn sessions.

Love the rich colors in this portrait of mom and baby girl!

This father embraces his baby girl and they both smile as they look into each others eyes.

Mom is holding the hand of her baby girl in this newborn portrait.

We have many different hats and knit outfits in our studio but clients are also welcome to bring their own outfits for the newborns.