I loved photographing this beautiful family portrait in Historic Waterford, Virginia. We met at the old mill and then went through Philips Farm. The boys had a great time skipping rocks and playing in the water. My favorite part of the session was in the field full of haystacks. I think we captured the magic of this amazing town. I am so proud to live and work in Waterford, Virginia.

I adore this photo of the family together on the haystack.
This photograph is of the two brothers wading through the creek water on a summer day.
Sepia tone provides emotion and warmth when capturing lifestyle moments.

I love this special moment caught between mother and her son lost in conversation.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a branding session for Melanie Natoli of Cana Vineyards and Winery of Middleburg, Loudon County. This is the first time in the four decades of the Virginia Governor’s Cup, that a woman winemaker has won this prestigious award! Melanie’s 2019 Unite Reserve, a signature estate red blend beat out 619 other wines.  

In planning her branding session we discussed different ideas and locations amongst the stunning grounds of Cana Vineyards. Melanie requested to have her blue truck in some of the photos. I asked her if she could also bring her dog. Tucker is 14 years old joined us in the vineyard for part of the session. It’s very fitting because Cana is a dog-friendly vineyard. They even have a bark bar for their four-legged guests.

If you haven’t been to Cana to taste their amazing wines I highly recommend you go.

When photographing a branding session it is important to think about placement and where the text might go. Its all about balance. This image would make a great front cover to a local publication. I wanted to capture the Blue Ridge Mountains which the Vineyard overlooks.

We spent sometime in the barrel room taking some portraits.

It’s important that the photographs document a story. You don’t always want to have your subject looking at the camera.

Make sure to document the fine details and close up shots.

Here is Tucker and Melanie in the vineyard. You can tell how much he loves his mom.

Tucker is featuring Cana’s dog bandana.

Melanie Natoli amongst the vines of Cana Vineyards and Winery of Middleburg

I love this family poses it’s comfortable and natural. See how your eye moves to each of the three faces. This makes for a balanced portrait that is visually simulating. You always want to be closer than you think when taking a family portrait.

Panoramic portrait in black and white with a bit of warmth.

I am always looking for lines and how they will draw the viewer into the portrait. The brick steps at Morven Park do a wonderful job.

Sometimes you need to ask your clients to bring a little romance and dance with your spouse!

What a beautiful day to do a family portrait session at Morven Park. The spring flowers made for a wonderful backdrop. When photographing families, I like to play games and do things so that they forget about me and my camera. Sometimes we spin around other times we have races or play tag. My goal is for everyone to have a good time.

The golden sun shined on these siblings as they walked together through the boxwood tunnel.

If you ever need a child to smile ask the parents to spin around. It works 100% of the time. Just be careful if they are wearing heels. You don’t want anyone to sprain their ankle or loose their balance.

This Waterford family chose to do their family photo session at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.

Panoramic portraits are artistic and can look great on a long wall.

Its always great to images dad with his sons.

This GSP looks stunning against the white backdrop. This type of photography is common with Equine portraits but they work just as nicely with dogs.

When photographing dogs its always a good idea to know the language that the family uses with their dog. Like do you want to go “play”? That is what we said to get this cute cock of the head in this portrait.

A close up shot of the dog can be fun. You should always use a high depth of field when photographing dogs. It ensures that everything will be sharp and crisp.

There are lots of poses you can try when photographing your dog. A profile shot is always nice.

Using a black background on a German Short Hair Pointer could be a neat look as well.

I love to bring props to a session particularly when I am photographing toddlers. They help relax the children and they also can make some beautiful fine art portraits. I love the warm vintage look of this two-year-old boy and the airplane.

After all what little boy wouldn’t want to play with a plane?

There is nothing like a summer smile!

We got some great lifestyle moments of mom and dad with the boys.

I always like to turn these moments into black and white images.

Morven Park has some beautiful textures to use as backdrops for portraits.

This session was part of a mini session that photographed Loudoun County Families.