August 13, 2021

Leesburg Virginia Newborn Photographer

 If you are pregnant and thinking about scheduling a newborn session, make sure you book it within the first two weeks of the baby’s life. The reason photographers like to photograph baby’s when they are less than 14 days old is because they are still use to the womb. This makes the newborn more flexible and easier to pose into many adorable positions.  Another reason is baby acne after two weeks of life many baby’s get acne. It can range from a few red blemishes or your baby could be covered with to head to toe with white heads. Sometimes if a baby has acne like this, we need to reschedule the session. The older a baby gets the less flexible they become and the more alert they are. Newborns sleep all the time during their first two weeks of life. Some parents have to try hard to wake their baby up to feed them.

The smallest details like your baby’s delicate eye lash can be such a sweet image.  

Everyone always loves a newborn baby’s toes!

The simplest shot can sometimes be the most heartwarming. Father holds his son’s head in his hand and I focused on the beautiful pattern that appears in the flow of his son’s hair.

This lifestyle portrait was taken in baby’s home. Sometimes this is the easiest for parents because the photographer comes to you.

Mother and dad cradle their new baby boy in their nursery.