April 19, 2023

Loudoun County Headshot Photographer

I was recently hired to photograph headshots at a conference in DC. The event went from 8:00am to 8:00pm. The organization who was sponsoring the event thought it would be a great gift to give an updated headshot to the attendees. Here are a few of the business professionals.

A grey backdrop is a popular choice for your traditional headshot. This is because it is neutral and goes with most skin tones and clothing.

Many people always ask me if they should wear glasses in their headshot. It is a personal preference. Keep in mind depending on the strength of the prescription the glasses can sometimes distort the face.

Are you looking to update the employee’s headshots? Do you want a backdrop studio setting or would you prefer an environmental portrait? Many people these days are looking for a branding session where they receive many different looks and outfits. These headshots are great for marketing on social media. Jennifer Jule Studios specializes in headshots and branding sessions. Located just outside of Leesburg, Virginia.