May 22, 2023

Photography, Northern Virginia High School Seniors

Summer is officially here and if you are looking to schedule your senior portrait session you should do it soon. As a high school senior photographer based in Virginia, I work with teens from all over the Northeast. Sometimes I travel to them and get to explore new locations and other times they travel to me. Many seniors have a setting in mind for a portrait session. If you are looking for a rural rustic setting with barns, historic buildings, and tall wild grass then Waterford, Virginia is the perfect location for your senior portrait. Many guys want an urban setting because it provides more of an edgy feel. Leesburg and Washington DC provide endless opportunities for that urban feel.

Guys are great to work with. They tend to be laid back and up for what ever. Including exploring grungy back alleyways. This senior wanted that urban feel and he did a great job posing for my camera. Graffiti can also be a great backdrop when you are photographing in the city.

Finding a photographer who can put your son at ease during a senior portrait session is skill that not everyone has.