September 16, 2022

Virginia Horse and Rider Portrait Photographer

Last month I went on location to Aiken South Carolina for this equine portrait session. I have to admit I was very excited to photograph a husband and wife with their horses. We started our session in the barn with black backdrop portraits of their 4 horses. Sunset was the perfect time for the horse and rider portraits. Her white dress gave a softer look. There is something romantic about a girl in a dress riding bareback. We had discussed what type of attire she was going to wear. Since her horse was white we decided that a white dress would provide a softer look. We took a few images in front of their home and in the pastures. That is when her husband joined us with his horse.

This portrait of the couple and the one horse in front of their home reminds me of a Vanity Fair cover.

We took a break and switched horses at the end of our portrait session. I love this dapple grey standing against the pink flowers.

I love the natural look and her rustic braid. You can see it well in this portrait of her giving her horse a hug.

Handsome portrait of a man with his horses.

Husband and wife walking their horses off into the sunset.