Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount. They are a wonderful surprise for an expectant mother, a newly engaged couple or for a proud grandmother with her family. Contact Jennifer to learn more.

What is included with the session fee?

The session fee includes the pre-session consultation, the photography session, editing of images, the ordering appointment, and a private online gallery to share with your friends and family for 60 days.

Are files and prints included in the session fee?

Files and prints are not included in the session fee; however, they are available for purchase at the ordering appointment.

How many images will we get from our session, and when can we see them?

This varies depending on the type and duration of the session. In general, you can anticipate seeing 25-30 images during your ordering appointment. We schedule ordering appointments for approximately two weeks after the date of your session.

Can you simply transfer all the files on your camera to us at the end of the session?

No. This is termed "shoot and burn", and is not an option with Jennifer Jule Studios.

Can I get the digital files from our session?

Yes, you can purchase the files for any image reviewed during your ordering appointment.

What kind of investment do most families make?

Most clients invest $1500+ in their session. However, every family is different. Some spend a little more, and others spend less. Our advice is to develop goals for the session, and articulate these to Jennifer during the pre-consultation.
Jennifer Jule Studios is a boutique photography business. Our clients are looking for quality, custom portraiture by a specially-trained professional photographer and artist who offers unparalleled service.

When do I get to bring everything home?

Most client orders are fulfilled within three weeks of placing the order. For more specific information, ask during your ordering appointment.

What should I expect at the ordering appointment?

Fun and Excitement! The ordering appointment is the culmination of all your hard work in planning the session. You will get to touch and feel samples of our various products while Jennifer guides you through the decision making process.

Do you photograph weddings?

No. Weddings are beautiful events that are best photographed by someone specialized in wedding photography. However, Jennifer loves creating beautiful and unique engagement portraits. Her creativity flourishes with “Impress the Dress”. Bring out your wedding attire one last time, go to a beautiful location, and have some fun while creating a lasting artistic impression.

How many family members can we include for the standard family session fee?

Fees for family sessions are for groups that number ten or fewer. More information about family sessions can be found here.


When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

We recommend contacting us as you begin to enter your third trimester. If your due date is soon, don't worry. Reach out to Jennifer who will do her best to accommodate your request.

We really want pictures of us with the baby, or the baby with his or her siblings. Can we do that?

Absolutely! This is an important part of the session. Just be sure to discuss your preferences with Jennifer during the pre-session consultation.


What is the best time to schedule a baby portrait?

In many ways this comes down to personal preference regarding which stage or stages you want to capture. Popular stages include smiling, sitting up, and standing. Each stage offers its own amazing opportunities to highlight their personality. Contact us to learn more about photography options at each stage.

My baby is sick, can we reschedule?

Yes, we prefer to reschedule the session if your baby has a fever the day of the session. Just give us a call first thing that morning. If your baby has a fever the day prior to the session, please call us then.

Session Specific Information